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Whatever you are looking for to improve your smile, you will find it at Perfect Smile Dental Spa! the doctor will make sure you are in the best possible hands.

Geoff D.

Nothing beats the experience of Perfect Smile Dental Spa in Chicago. The lobby with it’s video games, treats and beverages. It’s ambiance with the fountains, and sound machines. The massages, the paraffin waxes, the entertainment-while-you-get-your-mouth-worked-on options. And of course great dental care.

My hygienist was always friendly, and always remembered me and the conversations we had from previous visits.

I’m not sure why there are so many negative reviews. I never once felt like I was being upsold anything or scammed out of any money. My wife had the doctor, and she feels the same way.

Zack R.

I love you guys! I totally pimped you out in my blog post about my fear of dental work.

Kristi D.

I hate, hate, hate the dentist but I love, love, love Perfect Smile Dental Spa.

They are thorough, gentle and even give you a neck and shoulder massage before you leave the office, ROCK! Not to mention paraffin hand waxing while you have your teeth cleaned. Think that all of these things are a little girly for a dude? That makes you STUPID!

On a more serious note….. Perfect Smile has done a great job on my cleanings and fillings. I also have a complicated chip that has given me some trouble and they have fixed it twice without charging me! I have been so overwhelmed by their professionalism and generosity that they now have a client for life.

I owe Perfect Smile this five star review for making it somewhat enjoyable to go to the dentist again. Give them a try, you won’t regret it.

Matt C.

I love this Dental office! After having an accident involving a front tooth, I called on a weekend day and left a message. The dentist personally called me back and worked me into the schedule first thing the next morning. (And at that time I was not even an established patient)! I am now a patient for life and my smile is beautiful again!

Kay B.

So I am finally giving a review…after a lot of work & money spent on my mouth-

I have a HUGE dental phobia, I mean it’s bad-I need to be put under IV sedation for work that needs to be done-Here are the things I had wrong and what I needed:

-root canal that never got a crown, since 1999 was told by others it had to be extracted
-root canal done in 2008, but tooth cracked during procedure, needed extraction (initially cracked on a hard as hell peanut M&M)
-fixing some old cavities I had done as a kid, the mercury ones
-deep cleaning

I went to 3 dentist around me, downtown Chicago-All said I’d have to have 2 extractions, I needed tons of fillings and their prices were outrageous-One place, which I’ll give the initials of WCD quoted me around $4k just on a couple fillings, no lie-

Plus not one place would do a root canal, filling, extraction and implant all under one roof-I’d have to go to different places for the treatments, such a pain-After being in tears for months and my mouth so uncomfortable and my husband on me about getting stuff fixed I said ok, and searched Yelp-I found the doctor-

I came here and I knew I found the right place-So in depth on their exam, and I was informed there was NO need to extract the tooth that had the old root canal, they would just re-treat it-And they could knock me out with IV sedation and do as much as they could on my mouth-

Round 1 of my first procedure I had some fillings done and an extraction, I was under IV sedation for 3 hours-I was taken care of so very well and had no issues-the doctor called me the next day to make sure I was ok-

Round 2 took place about 3 weeks ago, this time I was under IV sedation for 4 hours, again no complications they did the re-treated root canal and the fillings and the remaining portion of the deep cleaning and no issues with the work done-I was given plenty of pain pills, antibiotics and Rx for any canker sores I might get-

I went in yesterday for my crown, awake and Alex was so patient with me-Honestly you need to treat me like a 5 year old in that chair, very slow, telling me every step he was doing and what was to take place-the doctor kept making sure I was ok and asked if I needed sedation pills or nitrous, but I wanted to be brave and passed-

Everyone in this office is wonderful, it is a pain in the butt for me to get to, takes me about 45 minutes from where I live downtown to get to Roscoe Village-When you get off the brown line stop at Paulina it’s a 10 minute walk to the office-I will always go here and trust the staff with my mouth-As well not one person said a negative thing about my mouth-I mean I don’t have a jacked up mouth, I have a pretty smile but I had 2 major issues and I had other dentist be really mean to me and made me cry, here that never ever happened-

The last thing I need now is my implant, which I’m freaked out about, but I’ve got a couple months on that-
So if you REALLY have issues with dental work go here, you will be in great hands-

Tristan A.

I chipped my front tooth today. Was I going to be vain and demand it be fixed immediately? Or would I suck it up and wait until my regular dentist could see me? Vanity won.

After some harrowing emergency dental procedures in Africa, I am afraid of dentists and large needles and rubber gloves and…well, you get the picture. My regular dentist couldn’t see me on such short notice, so I called Perfect Smile because of their great Yelp reviews. They fit me in almost immediately. I mean seriously — the incident occurred at 3:15pm, phone call was made at 3:45, and they were able to see me at 4:30.

Very friendly staff, state-of-the-art equipment, free massages and hand paraffin treatments…I was a happy girl.

Not to mention they were able to fix my tooth to perfection.

Limited exam $60, X-ray $27, filling and stuff $300. A bit pricey perhaps, but it beats going to an emergency dentist. (Prices approximate)

Val B.

I have spent many hours in a dentist chair and ended up with a mouthful of mismatched crowns, some with metal exposed.

I wanted veneers and consulted with several offices, and then I found Perfect Smile Dental Spa. I didn’t feel the usual dental anxiety and fears because the dentist and staff made me feel very comfortable. They offer laughing gas, a blanket, massage and they even have TV or movies with headphones so you don’t have to hear all the dental office noises while you’re being worked on. The doctor made sure I was doing okay and was comfortable the whole time during each of my visits. The staff made sure I was feeling okay before I left the office (since you can feel a little shaky after several hours in the chair and had laughing gas some of the time.)

the doctor did veneers on almost all of my teeth and replaced my deteriorating bridge.

Perfect Smile Dental Spa changed my life. I can now smile a bright beautiful smile full of confidence that I hadn’t felt in a long time. Thanks to the doctors and their staff for such a great experience. I will definitely be back.


The office is as nice as I can imagine a dentist office being. Yes, you can still here some drilling and things, it IS a dental office, but there’s also soothing music and such to make things pleasant.

The 5 minute massage is always something to look forward to as well.

And the free laughing gas doesn’t hurt. =)

Lindsay L.

When my permanent retainer became halfway unglued, I needed some dental care stat.

Perfect Smile Dental got me in the same day, charged me less than my original orthodontist would, and made me feel comfortable and respected. (Some doctors’ offices, you just feel so… blah).

The best part? The dental hygienist basically read my mind the whole time she was working on me, saying at the exact right moment what she was doing and allaying my fears.

I’ve been going to my regular dentist for as long as I’ve had teeth, but I’m tempted to switch to Perfect Smile… but can I really leave my dental hygienist after more than 20 years???

I left with referral coupons to give to friends in my pocket (they didn’t make me feel like they were being too sale-sy), and less tension in my back (free five-minute chair massage at the end of every appointment).

I am going to hold-off on the five stars until I go back for a second visit. Like the tooth fairy, I can’t help but wonder just a little — is this too good to be true? How often do you leave a dentist thinking THAT?

Oriana F.

I LOVE the doctor! He is kind, considerate and highly skilled. This office really takes into consideration that most people do not want to be at the dentist. He has earphones for music or the TV, a massage therapist on staff. He gives you gas to relax, asks if you need a break during procedures, etc. He is a very busy man, but makes you feel important. The waiting time is never long. I can not recommend him enough.

Awesome gentle man.

JoAnn DeAngelo

Great! Fabulous!

I went in for a cleaning. I didn’t have to wait very long before I was back in the chair. The examination was thorough, and the hygienist did an excellent job on the cleaning.

The entire staff was friendly and the atmosphere was nice.

I’ll be back again in 6 months!

Kara T.

Amazing place to get my first dental exam in years! Looking out for my my teeth as well as my mental well-being (free laughing gas!) by not only assessing my oral health, but any traces of dental anxiety.

Got my teeth whitened, sublime, but when the florescence wore off, even managed to get me some bleach trays free of charge.

At my cleaning, I received a complimentary paraffin dip, as well as a short neck massage after every visit.

Doctors there are wonderful, as are the staffs who don’t mind the fact that I am a poor college student who just wants a pretty smile.

Ly P.

I have spent many an hour in the dental chair and from too much painful and stressful experiences I have developed severe dental phobia- like full on panic attack mode. I consulted Yelp for a dentist that caters to wimps like me and Perfect Smile seemed like a good choice. All I can say is I’m not scared to go to the dentist anymore!!! And that is quite a relief.

For my first major procedure, a root canal, I was given a sedative pill to take before I came that day, then another when I got there. One more was given to dissolve under my tongue and when they added some gas to that, I was pretty much out like a light. Before I knew it I was being escorted to the waiting room- I thought they hadn’t even started yet but I was all done. Despite some confusion, I was very glad I had not been conscious during the hairy procedure. Apparently it took a few hours!

The assistants and technicians are skilled and more than competent (something the was surprisingly hard to find at other practices). They offer gas for pretty much any procedure. They give you headphones and a remote for the television, which can be quite amusing under the gas.

Perfect Smile is also very up-front about the costs and work with you to make payment as reasonable as possible, and they figure out all of your insurance stuff for you. I was surprised at how much my insurance covered, although it was still expensive. But honestly, it was worth almost any price to have an almost stress-free root canal.

I recommend this place to anyone whose stomach churns at the idea of going to the dentist. I have gone every three months since I became a patient for cleanings and checkups since my teeth seem to have more problems than most (not for lack of hygiene- I brush and floss three times a day!)

Rachel K.

OK- I am not a dentalphobe, I LOVE having clean teeth. However, after living with non stop headaches for a couple of years, the idea of the noise from a dentist scared me to DEATH!

So- enter Perfect Smile.

They were great! No one treated me like a freak, I had a paraffin treatment on my hands, shoulder massage, teeth cleaning, x-rays, etc. I paid my co pay and an additional $30 and was out the door.

To minimize the headache, I got gas during my cleaning. I have to say, this was the most fun I have EVER had during a cleaning. When my head started to kick into high gear, they turned up the gas for me! I will be back, happily. No kicking and screaming!

(Jody was fantastic- the dental assistant who worked with me. I HIGHLY recommend her!)

Danielle C.

I should begin by saying that I’m terrified of dentists, which is why it took me about 10 years to go to a dentist after graduating from college.
I had passed by this office many times, but never went in because it looked so ritzy that I thought it might be all elective stuff… then I ran into them at a bridal expo (how strange is that?) and decided it was kismet so I might as well make an appointment.

– I really like everyone who works in this office (even the dentist), and the fact that you get a massage after each visit. 😀
– They also gave me a free whitening for the duration of time I’m with them due to a coupon I got at the Bridal expo.
– Because I’m a wimp and needed a lot of work done, they scheduled it all on a Saturday morning. They gave me some kind of pills that made me pass out (or at least not remember anything) and did it all at once. I like that there was no IV (no chance of death).
– My work was very well done. The recovery sucked as it does with all dental work, but the healing was super clean and I was back to eating solids in less than a week (and lost five pounds!).
– Also, they have night time and weekend hours which are AMAZING for those of us who can’t just take off of work easily.

The BAD:
– They forgot to give me a prescription for painkillers. Thankfully I had some in the house. I didn’t want to go back.
– I was so out of it when I got picked up that I had no concept of what to expect afterward. My bite was uneven due to fillings and my jaw hurt every time I ate. These were my first fillings so I didn’t know WHY I was in pain though. The soonest time they could get me in was 2 weeks later when they told me that was the reason I felt punched in the jaw every time I chewed on my right side. Once they drilled it down it was much better.
– I got molds of my teeth taken for the whitening the first time I was there. It is NOT a pleasant experience. They lost them and I had to do them again. That kinda sucked…. a lot.

I just get the feeling that this office is really busy… and that’s the reason for most of the snafus I mentioned above… but I’m staying with them. They’re walking distance and I really do feel like my teeth are in good hands.

Eileen O.

I have been coming here for a while, about two years, and you know I don’t mind coming here. I don’t indulge in all the massages or all the other things, I appreciate them, but I do appreciate the service I get here. The advice, the cleanings, the comfort and the knowledgeable staff while all the time not feeling like I am getting unnecessary things done to me or my mouth.

I don’t have dental insurance, so I pay out of pocket and the bills aren’t bad. However if I ever needed it though, (knock on wood I won’t), they are happy to work with me on a payment plan and make sure I get quality along with affordability. Which makes me smile just a little bit bigger and a little bit more.

Rob L.

True or False: Dentists have now become used car salesman. IMO – true. Once you have reconciled yourself to this fact, you can now enter a dentist’s office and lambast them when they try to convince you that you need shit done to your teeth that you really don’t need or care to do.

I have never had a cavity – and I have great teeth, really strong, and really white – naturally. I wouldn’t trade them for the world. However, over the last ten years, I have gone to a few dentists who, within 1 minute of meeting me, have said, “So, have you thought about braces?” WTF? I almost decked him – I have ONE slightly crooked tooth. SLIGHTLY.

The next dentist said “So…have you considered bleaching your teeth?” I let him have it. “You have GOT to be kidding me? If my teeth got any whiter they would GLOW, for Christ’s sakes.” I embarrassed him – and I never went back to him.

I can’t remember how I stumbled upon Perfect Smile Dental Spa but I am pleased with them. I have no complaints. I understand the “spa” deal – they want to make people calm and relaxed as most people fear the dentist, so they have the candles burning, paraffin wax treatments, massage therapists on the premises, etc. etc. I get it.

When they suggest things you cannot afford or have no interest in, you just have to have the balls to say “no, thanks.” For instance, when they mention fluoride treatments (at MY age, not necessary), I say, “no, thanks.” These are NOT covered by most dental insurance policies. I learned this the hard way when my partner agreed to this, and we got billed for it. I was pissed – but you live, you learn. Bottom line – just say to them “tell me what is covered by my insurance and I will think about it.”

Over two years ago, my partner had a big birthday. For years she had wanted to get a new front cap, bleaching, bonding and some veneer work. Her teeth were healthy and not ugly – she simply had a very old front cap and wanted it replaced. I said “for your birthday, I can take us on a big vacation or we can get your teeth done.” Without hesitation, she opted for the latter.

the doctor did some beautiful work on my partner. I mean, on the day of the “reveal,” the doctor called me back and I started to cry. My partner was so happy – for the first time in years, she smiled from ear to ear and to this day she will look in the mirror and say “I love my teeth.” Her self-esteem and self-confidence have skyrocketed. Can’t ask for much more than that.

Did it cost a lot? Yep. But it was money well spent. Plus, Perfect Smile has that plan called Care Credit where you can make payments to this special credit card for a year or more without any interest. Perfect is right!

Deborah E.

I’ve had a scaling and planning done before, so I knew what to expect – the painful jab of the Novocain needle, a long and uncomfortable procedure, and soreness/pain for a few days afterwords.

The experience at Perfect Smile, while not exactly fun, was so much better than last time. Last time they did the procedure in two 2-hour sessions. I was given nitrous but the shots were still painful. I was sent home with instructions to take Advil for the pain (right that helped). This time, I was sedated so that the procedure (along with the filling of multiple cavities) could be done in one session. I was also given nitrous and I barely felt the Novocain needle at all. The three hours passed quickly, with very little discomfort and the headphones helped to distract me. When it was over my husband came to pick me up and put me in a cab, and the staff went over all the instructions for my care, and gave me a prescription for vicodin for the pain. Last time I was sore for a week, it’s been 3 days and while I’m not ready to tackle any crunchy foods, I have very little soreness left.

Since I pre-paid, I got a 5% discount, and somehow my insurance covered more then they originally thought, so I ended up paying only $1050 for the whole visit. I’m still not a huge fan of going to the dentist (something I need to get over, since I now need to go every 3 months!), but Perfect Smile makes it much easier!

Katie H.

I finally got dental insurance last year- so I started looking for a dentist. I hadn’t gone to dentist because of costs, fear of the dentist and I wasn’t experiencing any discomfort. I just knew I needed a cleaning really bad and I had a few cavities to get filled.

So while my boyfriend made an appointment with a dentist downtown, I always like the neighborhood feel of things, and choose Perfect Smile.

The office is great! I really enjoyed my whole experience here- from the TV and the hand wax to, the demo DVD of the procedure that I needed, I really felt comfortable here. Now, I am very very fearful of being “helpless” in the chair, don’t like injections and I need to be told exactly what is going on- I keep my eyes open for everything- and being put out is not good enough, but I was comfortable enough here to eventually get a deep cleaning and 5 fillings done in one visit. The laughing gas and some drowsy pill helped me be comfortable, but the real comfort was of knowing what he was doing.

I ended up blowing through my insurance for the year, and paying out of pocket a lot and also later developing an extremely sensitive tooth that needed a root canal and then a crown on a tooth I just had filled. So I was in pain and mad, thinking I needed a second opinion, my boyfriend suggested his dentist whom he loved.

And in comparison, the other dentist just epic fail. He was rude, and rushed me into getting a root canal right then and there, and then only had Novocain, and wouldn’t tell me what he was doing even though I had told and asked him what he was doing, and all this put me into a panic attack in the office.

So, that experience really made me appreciate the doctor and his office I will totally be back to get work done, just after my insurance fills back up and save up some dough.

Nana H.

This is the only dentist that my husband will go to at all. He usually gets the gas and listens to classical music and eventually will begin singing along to the tunes – during his exam. LOL! Generally he has deep cleanings and only mild cavities if any.

We both started going here several years ago – 2003/4? Something like that. I see the doctor. I had some extensive root canal work done several years ago (3 at once) and it has held up very nicely and looks wonderful. I still remember – the day that I had the work done the dentist called me that evening to make sure I was feeling ok – not in too much pain – because I had so much work done that day. I thought that was very kind. Unfortunately – when I needed later work done, I had to go to a less expensive dentist because it was all that I could afford. I had a root canal done at a horrible dentist’s office (that I’m also going to write a review on) and it looks awful too – but at least it doesn’t hurt.

Anyway – I now (unfortunately) need a LOT of work done on my teeth – mostly “refurbishing” work that was done when I was a child and some of it just because I haven’t taken care of my teeth like I should due to lack of money and good insurance. My husband and I have decided to “bite the bullet” so-to-speak and turn over a new leaf with our teeth – not getting any younger over here you know……. So he scheduled an appointment and is in the process of getting his teeth issues taken care of and I am working on mine as well. (I might even be sedated for the procedure because it’s supposed to take about 4 hours I think. I’m still not sure if this is what I want to do.) But – their office is so nice – so many amenities that just make it more pleasant and bearable.

I was so very nervous and close to tears when I came in because I knew I was going to need so much work and no one laughed at me or looked “down” on me because of the state of my teeth – in fact and this was what I was MOST nervous about – no one even asked why I hadn’t had the work done on my teeth before it got so bad. (because I don’t have an excess of $$$$s in my bank account) Also – their accounting people went over every detail that I would have to pay for before anything was even done – and then they drew up a “plan” for proceeding with my treatment and exactly how much it would cost, etc. I really appreciated their being upfront about the cost BEFORE I was in the middle of a procedure.

Anyway – they finished my “deep” cleaning and did what they could with my initial exam and then I went home! (I also got the paraffin hand wax, my rings cleaned and the neck massage! Plus the standard goodie bag when you leave.) The dentist gave me a large size of prescription strength fluoride to take home that I need to use – so that I don’t have to get an additional prescription. I thought that was nice. I have a crazy-major appointment scheduled for Monday – I’ll update after that. Oh – only 4 stars because of the cost. It’s expensive. It just is. But – I do think they’re worth it if you can manage to figure out how to pay for it.

Kelly H.

This dentist is extremely nice, and their facilities are amazing – you can listen to headphones while getting dental work, play video games in the lobby while waiting on your appointment, etc. By far this is the best dentist I’ve ever been to.

Furthermore, they are very smart. They solved a problem my partner had w/headaches that somehow was linked to his teeth. Even the ER doctors were not able to figure out why he was getting so many headaches.

Thor P.

Sure, I’m in my 30s and hold an advanced degree, but I still cry like a baby when I have to go to the dentist, so I avoid it like the plague and instead brush religiously hoping to stave off a trip to the doctor.

Alas, my teeth did not cooperate with my plan of evasion and I found myself having to go to the dentist ASAP. Wretched choppers! So, I found a list of “top” dentists in Chicago Magazine or something, called all of them and asked this question: How would your doctor deal with an overgrown, hysterical crybaby?

At every office but the doctor’s, I was met with an “I don’t know,” or otherwise brushed off. At Perfect Smiles, they said “Oh, we’d be glad to have you; the doctor is great with patients who are terrified.” I made the appointment.

I needed a root canal, a crown, and to have my old mercury fillings replaced. Lotsa hours in the chair for a wimpola like me, but the doctor makes it easy! His staff didn’t laugh when I came in for the first visit already crying as I walked in the door. I was offered Valium to help chill me out and given plenty of laughing gas to further calm me and separate me from the trauma I was undergoing. I was SO relaxed in fact that I took photos of myself during the root canal and e-mailed them to friends – the doctor and his assistants got a huge kick out of that.

He does great work, is fantastic with his patients, has a great staff, a lovely and comfortable office, everyone in the place has a great sense of humor, extra services (massage, etc.) to make the trip even more comfortable. I’ve had to make a couple of emergency trips, and he will accommodate you by coming in during off hours. Multiple trips and the service is always great – I almost look forward to going to the dentist now. I’ve sent many friends and they have all had great experiences too. I cannot recommend the doctor highly enough.

Did I mention he has laughing gas?


Jenny Z.

I had to come back and add an update to my previous review. I love this place!!!!

Michelle, you are the best Office Manager, you are organized, and the price you always quote me never changes. For the first time I don’t feel like my dentist office was trying to rip me off financially. Thanks for everything.

Dinorah, you are so sweet, caring and accommodating, such a pleasure to see when you first walk in the office.

I love this place so much that I travel quite a ways I live in the South Shore area of the south side and I travel to Roscoe Village, you know this place is awesome.

I feel like family when I enter this place they remember who I am and they always ask about my little girl. I feel like more than a client.

Looking for a great dental office you have to try Perfect Smile

Thanks for Everything

Mechell B.

I couldn’t help but laugh when I was offered a paraffin wax hand treatment the first time I had an appointment here. This is truly a Dental Spa. I’ve only been a couple times and don’t have any major tooth/mouth issues, but from what I can tell the doctor and staff do great work. My hygienist was super nice and was always making sure she wasn’t doing anything to cause too much pain.

Going to the dentist is never fun, but everything at Perfect Smiles aims to put you at ease while they make your teeth look pretty.

Natalie M

They offer headphones for a DVD, TV or stereo and complimentary Nitrous (laughing gas) to help you get comfortable. I’ve had a deep cleaning, cleanings, fillings and wisdom teeth pulled here and my husband has had a deep cleaning, fillings, tooth pulled, and root canal (he neglected his teeth for a while). We’ve been very happy with the job she’s done, and so happy with Jody, our hygienist-she’s awesome!

The only down-side is the parking situation around there, as Roscoe Village is getting more congested, and the reception staff/billing staff isn’ t always the best at communication. Otherwise, call with your Insurance card handy, as they will confirm it before you come in for your appt.

Bridget B.

We take my niece here and she has never ever been afraid of going to the dentist. She actually LOVES it….

She has problem teeth too. She was a bottle baby (as most her age were) and had had lots of trouble with her baby teeth falling out and the new ones coming in. This place made her feel like a million bucks mentally even when she had to have a baby tooth pulled because it refused to fall out. In between the tears of pain (natural) she kept telling me how nice the place was and that they told her it wouldn’t hurt that long so it was okay…she believed them and by bedtime she was feeling fine and asked when she was going back for her follow up.

A little bit of caring and individual attention to the patients goes a loooooong way and this place has it down to a science. 🙂

Sara F.

I love this place.

Anyways… the entire staff is friendly I get a massage and paraffin treatment with every appointment…the hygienists are young and annoyingly good looking… I say that in anger because I’m used to being the most beautiful person in the room! haha…

Anyways, they really are wonderful that i have referred 3 of my friends, and they all feel the same way also.

FYI they only take PPO.

Yermah L.

I’ve had nothing but great experiences here. I’ve had four dentists in my life, and his staff are always professional, helpful and considerate. The dental work I got there (a crown) was painless, efficient and affordable. They offered me all sorts of spa treatments (chair massages, wax hand dips, music – for example), but I just wanted in and out of there due to time constraints, and they obliged.

I’d go back again in a heartbeat.

Robert B.

I had two wisdom teeth pulled at Perfect Smile and have to say it went as smoothly and as pain-free as is possible. The staff was also very friendly and I was accommodated on-time. One note; they will charge you an estimate taking insurance into account. A couple weeks after your procedure you should follow up with them for a return, because they will always charge you a bit more in the estimate to be safe. If you don’t call for your return, they’ll hold it indefinitely.

Chuck W.

the doctor and the staff of the Dental Spa rock. First and most importantly, he does quality work on your mouth. Second, after filling my very first cavity (at the age of 39, thank you very much) I arrived home to find a voice message from him with his home number, just in case. Lastly, you get a great massage after having your teeth cleaned!!!

Luka D.

This is the best dentist I’ve ever had, and I’ve been to plenty. I got my veneers here, and now must go back every 6 months to “keep up the warranty.” But it is never a hassle. They work around your schedule, never keep you waiting, and always send you a reminder postcard of your appointment. They give you a wax hand treatment, a goodie bag, a massage, and the environment is great for a dentist’s office. the doctor has personally called to follow-up, and everyone there is very kind. Quite pleasant all the way around.

Sarah S

Would it be crazy to say I absolutely love my dentist? Here’s why. Perfect Smile dentist makes a typically unpleasant experience as comfortable and positive as they possibly can. Here are some highlights:

1. The waiting room- offers fresh baked bread, coffee, tea, and a soothing environment.
2. You can do a paraffin wax hand treatment while you are getting your dental work done.
3. The dental hygienist and dentist explain everything to you while they are doing it, so you don’t feel like an idiot while they are calling out numbers are saying things you don’t understand.
4. Great flavors!
5. Each chair is a massage chair that is on during your appointment.
6. You get a free 5 minute massage when you are finished with your appointment (massage place is downstairs so it is advertising but no pressure).
7. They have a TV at every chair so you can watch TV with headphones while you are getting treatments done.
8. They also have a live video cam that goes into the TV where they show you the places on your teeth that they are concerned about. Pretty cool.
9. I have never had a problem getting an appointment, though I make them 6 months in advance! Hopefully, I won’t have a problem after I write this review.
10. Need I say more . . .

Rachel C.

I was referred to the doctor more than 12 years ago (when he was at his humble Foster and Western location) because I had suffered a VERY traumatic (read: 5 days in the hospital/almost coulda died) wisdom tooth extraction at the hands of an Andersonville dentist (Raymond Hatland, if you’re wondering). He was really kind to me and never made me feel bad about being terrified. He has done numerous crowns, fillings, and a root canal for me and I’ve always felt I was in extremely capable hands. He calls me at home after a procedure to be sure I’m alright. His staff members are awesome–at least two of them (Michele and Irma) have been with him this whole time. I was a little put off by the “spa” aspect of the new place, but one paraffin treatment and massage later; I was convinced that this was a good move! And when I needed my other wisdom teeth out, he sent me to an oral surgeon. Even without insurance, I will always go to him. Hopefully one of those kids of his (that I pretty much helped put through college) will become a dentist, so when he retires I can still have a the doctor in my life.

Laurie R.