Relief for Chicago Patients with Dental Anxiety

Do you avoid dental visits because of fear or anxiety? You’re not alone. The Academy of General Dentistry estimates that 40 million Americans postpone dental treatment because of dental phobia. At Perfect Smile Dental Spa, we provide a soothing, comforting environment in which you can relax and get the care you need through our sedation dentistry Chicago services.

Chicago sedation dentist, Dr. Dinkha, will listen to your concerns before treatment begins, and then we will work together to develop a plan with which you feel comfortable. We will thoroughly explain the sedation dentistry procedures that we recommend, so you will never feel surprised or confused about the care you receive. Fearful and nervous patients often benefit from sedation dentistry procedures in Chicago – anti-anxiety medication that induces total-body relaxation.

This Sedation dentistry Chicago practice has been helping fearful patients get the care they need for years. Dr. Dinkha will closely monitor your vital signs every step of the way, and someone will always be by your side to ensure your comfort level remains optimal. We offer several options for sedation dentistry; each one caters to specific patient needs. The doctor and team will go the extra mile to offer you total comfort with sedation dentistry which requires a state permit and special state licensure.

Oral Conscious Sedation Laughing Gas Sleep Dentistry IV Sedation

Chicago sedation dentist Dr. Dinkha will recommend the Chicago sedation dentistry option that’s right for you based on a variety of circumstances. In general, our sedation dentistry procedures in Chicago are great for patients who:

  • Have fear or anxiety about dentistry
  • Have a sensitive gag reflex
  • Need several procedures done in a single visit
  • Have back, neck and/or shoulder pain
  • Have difficulty sitting still for long periods of time
  • Have sensitive teeth
  • Just want to relax through the procedure
  • Don’t want to remember the procedure (sedation amnesia)
  • Laughing Gas Available

If you’re considering sedation dentistry, the Chicago experts at Perfect Smile Dental Spa are your solution. Call Perfect Smile Dental Spa or schedule an appointment online. Our Chicago sedation dentist Dr. Dinkha help residents of the Chicago land area overcome their dental fear. Most phobic patients overcome their fears after a few visits and no longer feel they need sedation. However, it is an available option whenever you feel you need it.