Maintaining Your Healthy Smile for a Long Life

At Perfect Smile Dental Spa, we believe that general dentistry is essential to a healthy, beautiful smile and a long life. If you suffer from tooth decay, gum disease, or TMJ disorder, Dr. Dinkha will restore your oral health, allowing you to smile with confidence.

Recent studies have linked gum disease to heart disease, stroke, osteoporosis, and low birth weight babies. As general dentists, Dr. Dinkha is committed to ridding your mouth of disease with thorough cleanings and non-surgical periodontal therapy. We will also educate you and your family on proper ways to care for a healthy smile while you’re away from our Chicago dental office.

Many patients avoid regular cleanings and checkups because they fear the dentist will find something wrong. Problems like tooth pain and cavities will require more invasive dental work in the future if neglected for too long. At Perfect Smile Dental Spa, we provide a tranquil environment where you can receive the care you need. If you like, you can even “sleep” through your dental treatment with safe and effective oral or IV sedation.

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We change lives, one smile at a time.
Dr. Dinkha is a thorough general dentist. Call Perfect Smile Dental Spa or schedule an appointment online to receive the care your family needs for a lifetime of healthy smiles. We have provided North Shore Chicago residents with comprehensive care for over 20 years.